About Conflict Resolution Services

Conflict Resolution Services mediators understand each case is unique and special to the parties. The diversity of subject matter, the spectrum of complexity, the variety of personalities all require individualized design considerations. CRS mediators understand that the mediators toolbox must be filled with creative styles and approaches to assist parties in building a bridge to the resolution of their conflict.

This individualized proactive approach is effective in bringing cases to closure. It fosters early dispute resolution. It results in transactional cost savings and the reduction of emotional costs.

This approach works for disputes in family firms, professional service associations, large corporations, and the catastrophically injured. The toolbox utilized by Conflict Resolution Services mediators include co-mediation, staggered starts, pre-mediation caucuses, pre-mediation design, and focused follow-up.

Conflict resolution tools are not sufficient without recognizing the emotional factors involved in each case. CRS mediators utilize sensitivity, empathy, respect, honesty, and integrity whether dealing with business partners, family businesses, professionals, or the seriously injured.

At CRS, we endeavor to bring creative energy, pragmatism, intellect, instinct, and peacemaking skills to facilitate closure to conflict. We are risk takers who are comfortable taking non-traditional approaches to dispute resolution.

We bring our proactive and creative approach to business, construction, employment, health care, intellectual property, medical malpractice, personally injury, products liability, professional liability, securities, and transportation (trucking and railroad) cases.

To view a full list of our Conflict Resolution Services Panelists, visit our panelists page HERE.