Ann Marie Byers Esq.

Ms. Byers has practiced law and alternate dispute resolution for fifteen years. She is a certified mediator and sits on several alternate dispute resolution panels: American Arbitration Association’s Affiliate Panel, Mediation Association of Colorado, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and the World Intellectual Property Organization’s Arbitration and Mediation Center.


Preparation and pre-ADR interviews are key to a successful ADR proceeding. Ms. Byers has specialized training in interviewing, and has interviewed a wide-range of people throughout her career. Her interviewing methodology assists her in working with clients to define the nature and scope of relevant issues, identify applicable laws/rules, and devise creative resolution strategies. In addition to saving clients time and money, proper preparation more often results in successful resolution.
She has mediated over 150 hours, and is specially trained to handle high-conflict matters. She is trained in facilitative, transformative, evaluative and directive mediation styles, and applies the method(s) that will work best in each unique situation.

Intellectual Property – intellectual property disputes and transactions require special skills and a knowledge of the constantly changing relevant law. Ms. Byers brings both to bear when acting as a neutral for you or your clients. Fifteen years of litigation and alternative dispute resolution practice has provided Ms. Byers with a unique insight and a host of creative business strategies that can be used to resolve your infringement (patent, trademark, copyright), licensing, or domain name dispute. Ms. Byers has practiced before the USPTO, PTAB, and WIPO with specific knowledge related to:

• Alternative Energy Sources
• Software
• Firmware
• Pharmaceuticals
• Medical Device

Civil Disputes – Ms. Byers has litigated, mediated, and arbitrated many high-value civil disputes. Her experience in this area includes cases involving the Colorado Attorney General, and the US Attorney, and handling both sides of insurance disputes, product liability, construction defect and personal injury cases. She is an expert in social security law, having drafted hundreds of social security appeals opinions as a law clerk, and assisting her judge to draft a social security handbook for magistrate judges. Ms. Byers’ specific experience includes:

• Insurance Disputes
• Personal Injury
• Consumer Fraud
• Contract Disputes
• Product Liability
• Social Security
• Malpractice/ Professional Responsibility
• Construction Law (contract, performance, & defect disputes)

Commercial Disputes – Ms. Byers finds that thorough preparation and her business acumen consistently assists the parties to obtain a mutually beneficial resolution. Mediation of commercial disputes and stagnant deal negotiations requires more than mere shuttle diplomacy, as the parties would likely have resolved their issues if it were only a matter of bartering. In fact, an ADR specialist with knowledge of the relevant business is the only way to obtain creative commercial solutions.

Ms. Byers can assist your business disputes, including:• Distributor Agreements
• Business Dissolution
• Shareholder Disputes
• Partnership Agreements
• Complex Commercial Transactions
• Breach of Contract

Employment Disputes – Employment disputes are one the most complex to resolve. Each party has something precious to lose, i.e. employment, benefits, company reputation, etc. And these cases are often fraught with emotion that must be considered before a resolution can be achieved. Ann Marie has a thorough knowledge of federal and state employment law, which can assist parties in understanding their likelihood of success in litigation. This includes but is not limited to: §1983, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title VI of the Public Health and Welfare Act, Age Discrimination and Employment Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and Colorado’s employment laws such as the Anti- Discrimination Act and the Governmental Immunity Act.

Specific areas of experience include:
• Termination and Severance Disputes
• Discrimination
• Wage and Hour Disputes
• Workplace or Work Group Disputes
• Harassment and Hostile Work Environment
• Unemployment Benefits
• Union and Fair Labor Disputes

Domestic Relations – Parties seeking assistance for divorce, parenting time disputes, and adoption agreements are often experiencing the greatest turmoil in their lives, and this needs to be acknowledged before resolution can even be discussed. When one’s life is in chaos it is hard to make any choices, much less those with lifelong consequences. Often the block to resolution in domestic relations cases is one or both party’s inability to move past perceived wrongs committed by the other party. Ms. Byers has the experience and understanding to help parties acknowledge this and work together toward a mutually-beneficial resolution. Her expertise in domestic relations law can also assist parties in determining their litigation position. Ms. Byers also has experience in domestic violence, having worked as a legal advocate in a domestic violence shelter. Cases involving abuse allegations require special attention and expertise, and Ann Marie can bring this to your dispute.


University of Michigan Law School – J.D.
University of Wisconsin – Nuclear Medicine and Psychology, B.S., with a minor in chemistry
• Munich University of Law – summer semester program
• Colorado Bar Association – Intellectual Property, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Lawyers Professional Liability/Ethics, Legal Fee Arbitration, Employment Law
• American Bar Association – Intellectual Property, Alternative Dispute Resolution, International Alternative Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Employment Law
• Michigan Bar Association
• U.S. District Courts – District of Colorado, Eastern District of Texas, Eastern District of Michigan
• Delaware Chancery Court
• WIPO Panel of Neutrals
• American Arbitration Association Affiliate

Ms. Byers’ rates vary from $300-400/hour depending on the complexity of the matter. She also takes a limited number of sliding scale and pro bono cases each year. Please contact AB-CRS to determine if you are eligible.

Ms. Byers charges $150/hour for travel time for matters outside the Denver/Boulder area, and other possible expenses include but are not limited to parking, meals, airfare, hotel, and ground transportation.