Russ Carparelli Judicial Retention

Russell Carparelli on Judicial Retention

The full article appears in Colorado Politics Tuesday, September 12, 2022 edition.  ©2022 Colorado Politics.  All rights reserved.

Hon. (Ret.) Russell E. Carparelli of AB Conflict Resolution Services recently spoke with Michael Karlik of Colorado Politics about the upcoming judicial retention on Colorado ballots.

“This November, voters will decide whether to retain 135 judges across the state based largely on performance evaluations from each of the 22 judicial districts and one additional, statewide performance commission.

The citizen-led performance commissions recommend whether trial and appellate judges meet or do not meet performance standards based on established criteria: knowledge of the law, communications skills and temperament, for example. The commissioners also perform courtroom observations of the judges they evaluate.

Russell Carparelli was a judge on the state’s Court of Appeals from 2003 to 2013. He also co-founded Our Courts Colorado, which gives informational presentations to the public about the judicial system — approximately 600 in total. Carparelli spoke to Colorado Politics about how the retention system operates and what voters should know before they fill out their ballots.”

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