ADR Specialists

Why our ADR specialists are among the best in the industry

What makes our ADR specialists different?

– Each member of our panel and ADR specialists establishes their own individual rates providing clients with the flexibility to select a panelist that matches the dynamics of their case

– Low administrative fees and case management from start to finish

– Our full-service conference facilities can accommodate virtually any size mediation or arbitration and are provided at no additional cost when using our service

– We offer complete litigation support services including online hosting and traditional document services to help organize and prepare your case for mediation

– Video and Web conferencing capabilities at no additional charge allowing for reduced travel and expense

Locally owned and family operated

View our full panel of ADR specialists and find the panelist that best suits your needs. View our ADR specialists here and read their full bio.

Providing in-person, remote, or hybrid style mediations, arbitrations and special masters.
Offering in person at any of our locations or the location of your choice. To schedule your ADR specialists, call us at (303) 355-2314 or schedule your mediation services here.