Resolving Residential Solar Disputes

Resolving Residential Solar Disputes: Insights from Roger Freeman’s Latest Spotlight

Resolving Residential Solar Disputes: Insights from Roger Freeman’s Latest Spotlight

In the evolving world of residential solar, disputes are not uncommon. When they arise, having an expert like Roger Freeman at AB Conflict Resolution Services can make all the difference. Recently, Roger was spotlighted in an insightful article on Solar Power World, titled “Harmonizing Conflicts: Using Mediation to Resolve Residential Solar Disputes.” This feature underscores the critical role of mediation in solar to navigate and resolve conflicts effectively.

In the article, Roger shares his extensive experience and expertise in handling solar disputes, emphasizing the importance of mediation in fostering communication and achieving amicable solutions. His unique approach not only addresses the immediate issues but also builds a foundation for long-term cooperation and satisfaction among parties.

For homeowners, installers, and solar companies alike, Roger’s insights provide a valuable roadmap for managing conflicts constructively. By leveraging mediation in solar, disputes can be transformed into opportunities for understanding and collaboration.

To delve deeper into Roger Freeman’s expert advice and learn more about the benefits of mediation in solar, read the full article [here]

Mediation for renewable energy

Balancing Aesthetics and Sustainability: The Art of Mediation for Renewable Energy

The Art of Mediation for Renewable Energy

As a mediator who specializes in solar and other renewable energy matters, I often encounter situations where homeowners and HOAs have conflicting interests and expectations. One of the most common issues is the installation of solar panels, which can be seen as a benefit for the environment and the homeowner but may raise aesthetic or other concerns for the HOA and neighboring property owners.

Recently, I had the opportunity to be involved in a case involving Aurora residents who wanted to install solar panels on their roof but faced opposition from their HOA. The case was featured in an article by The Denver Post, which you can read here for the full details:

In this case, I represented one side of the dispute. However, I have been involved in numerous disputes of this nature and have seen all perspectives. I wanted to share in this blog post some insights and ideas about how to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement in these and other cases involving the sitting of solar panels.

First, I want to emphasize the importance of communication and dialogue. Often, homeowners and HOAs have different perspectives and assumptions about each other’s motives and goals. These disputes can quickly devolve into personal issues, especially given the emotions involved in one’s home and property. HOAs often have a set meeting schedule and communication mode which may not feel open and transparent to the homeowners. By creating a space where they can listen and understand each other’s views, the parties can identify common ground and areas of compromise.

Second, I want to highlight the role of creativity and flexibility. Sometimes, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every situation. In some cases, for example, if economical and still efficient for generating solar energy, the homeowner may agree to install low-profile solar panels that would blend in with the roof color, or otherwise modify the design. For its part, the HOA may agree to waive some of the fees and restrictions that they normally impose on exterior modifications to ensure that the design maximizes the output of the solar system.

Third, I want to acknowledge the value of mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, and collaborative process that allows parties to resolve their disputes without going to court. Mediation can save time, money, and stress for both parties, and can preserve or improve their relationship. As a mediator, I act as a neutral third party who facilitates the conversation and helps the parties reach their own agreement.

I hope this gives you some insight into how mediation can help homeowners and HOAs resolve their conflicts over solar panels and renewable energy situations. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at or call (303) 355-2314.

Conflict Resolution Services can help resolve your pending cases

Conflict Resolution Services Can Help Resolve Your Pending Cases!

We can help resolve your pending cases with our expert conflict resolution panelists.

Introducing AB Conflict Resolution Services expert panelists.

At AB Conflict Resolution Services we understand the challenges you face when it comes to resolving pending cases and achieving favorable outcomes for your clients. That’s why we would love to introduce you to the expertise of our AB Conflict Resolution Services panelists.

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We understand the importance of efficiency in your legal practice. By embracing mediation, you can save valuable time and resources, leading to faster resolutions and reduced backlog.

Enhanced Communication:

Mediation fosters open dialogue and encourages effective communication between all parties. Our mediators facilitate productive discussions, allowing for a deeper understanding of each party’s perspective and increasing the chances of reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.


Mediation often proves to be a more cost-effective option compared to lengthy court battles. By resolving disputes through mediation, you can help your clients save on legal expenses while still achieving satisfactory outcomes.

Customized Solutions:

Our CRS panelists tailor their approach to meet the unique needs of each case. They employ various mediation techniques and strategies to ensure that the solutions reached align with the specific circumstances and goals of all parties involved.

Our team is dedicated to assisting you in resolving your pending cases efficiently and professionally.

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Thank you for your time, and we look forward to the opportunity of supporting you in your pursuit of successful case resolutions.

Congratulations Julie Williamson, ESQ. – 2023 Best Lawyers Recognition

Julie Williamson ESQ Best Lawyers in America 2023

Julie Williamson, ESQ. – The Best Lawyers in America® for work in Arbitration and Commercial Litigation.

Congratulations Julie on having been selected by your peers for recognition of your professional excellence in the 29th Edition of The Best Lawyers in America®

Julie Williamson is a skilled, logical and compassionate mediator and arbitrator who helps resolve business, employment, and probate disputes. She recognizes that all cases contain legal, financial and emotional components that must be respected. She is committed to resolving disputes outside of the courtroom to minimize litigation and allow parties to return to pursuing productive lives and profitable businesses.

You can view Julies full bio HERE.