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Endurance and Mediation

This article originally appeared in The Docket August/September 2019 edition.  Reproduced by permission. ©2019 The Docket August/September. All rights reserved.  Modified from its original publication in The Docket.   This March I had the luck and the privilege of competing in the Masters World Cup Nordic ski races in Norway. It was a series of […]

Athlete Drug Testing: Coming to a Race Near You

Reproduced by permission. ©2017 Colorado Bar Association 46 The Colorado Lawyer 19 (Jan. 2017). All rights reserved. Amateur as well as professional athletes are subject to drug testing. This article describes what happens to athletes who provide positive samples to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Every weekend in our outdoor-oriented state, hundreds of people compete in […]

A Basic Guide to Preparing for Mediation

A Basic Guide to Preparing for Mediation Hon. Ken Plotz and Joe Epstein, Esq. Introduction Settlement is more of a process than an event. Proper preparation for mediation can hopefully lead to the final step in that process. If the lawyer and the client are fully prepared before a mediation session, the process of mediation […]